Floyd Skloot, Writer


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The Night-side

Story Line Press, Paper, 1996, 194 pp

Named one of the best books of the season by New Age Journal.

Finalist for the Oregon Book Award.

From the Publisher:

The Night-Side, is Floyd's first collection of personal essays about the illness experience. The book also includes seven poems about artists whose work and lives were altered by illness. An essay from The Night-Side was included in The Best American Essays 1993.

Quotes from reviews of the book:

"One of the best books of the season." —New Age Journal

"His story will excite the sympathy and interest of every reader, and deserves a wide readership amongst clinicians." —The Journal of the American Medical Association

"Poignant. . . . wry" —The Seattle Post Intelligencer

"Full of hope, persistence and wonderful humor. . . . [a] courageous book, full of anguish and love." —The Roanoke Times

"Skloot gives us a volume that turns a desperate condition into something approaching high art." —The Sewanee Revie

"Award-winning poet, essayist, and novelist Skloot learned how serious illness can strike overnight and quickly rearrange every aspect of life. Skloot looks at his illness straight-on to explore Susan Sontag's wild conundrum. . . . about the healthiest way of being ill." —Library Journal

"Rarely has so painful a subject being sick produced so exhilarating a book.  Floyd Skloot's scope is broad, and his writing is full of wisdom and panache. He manages to turn physical affliction into literary gold. . . . I hope The Night- Side will take its rightful place alongside classic American writing about illness." —Lynne Sharon Schwartz